Introduction on drugs essay

Ecstasy speeds up the functions of the central nervous system and it is classified as a stimulant. Ecstasy is also called m&m, e, xtc and adam. It is difficult for users to know what they are taking because ecstasy is usually mixed with a variety of different drugs. Little is known about these combinations, so it’s quite dangerous to take ecstasy in combination with other drugs. Additionally, the risk of complications and serious side effects is increased with taking more than one drug. It could lead to a number of serious physical and psychological problems. A ‘hangover’ may result from using ecstasy with symptoms such as muscular aches, loss of appetite, depression and insomnia. Based on size, mood, health, gender, weight, personality, expectations of the drug, and previous experience, the effects of ecstasy vary from one person to another.

“MDMA is not a benign drug. In fact, all of the studies conducted to date in both animals and more recently in humans, confirm that club drugs, particularly MDMA, are not harmless “fun party drugs” as they are often portrayed. While users of club drugs often take them simply for energy to keep on dancing or partying, research shows these drugs can have long-lasting negative effects on the brain that can alter memory and other behaviors. There is substantial evidence to show that MDMA damages brain cells. Within the scientific community we can not say with absolute certainty how and to what extent the damage it can actually cause, but there is across-the-board agreement that brain damage does occur.” Alan I. Leshner, ., Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services.
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Introduction on drugs essay

introduction on drugs essay


introduction on drugs essayintroduction on drugs essayintroduction on drugs essayintroduction on drugs essay