Examples of good written essays

This is a tricky one. There are a few things that you could try:
#1: Use indirect dialogue. Instead of actually writing out what the characters say, you can summarise. For instance: Jacob told Winifred how he’d lost his job — after only two days — through no fault of his own.
#2: Break up long speeches. I think it’s fine for a conversation to go on for a while, but if a character is speaking for a very long time, you might want to have another character come in with a question or interruption. (Don’t overdo it, though — breaking up the dialogue too much can also be annoying.)
#3: Don’t sweat it! Write it however it comes out, and think about whether it’s an excessive amount of dialogue when you redraft. 🙂 (I tend to write a lot of dialogue in my first drafts, and cut it or put in more narrative around it when I redraft.)

Response to Linda Ausley & Kelly Walsh: I agree that Redefinition isn’t the goal for all lessons. Especially for the younger grade levels, students need to get some basic technology literacy (substitution, augmentation) before they can really function well in the other layers of the model effectively. Not to say PreK-3 can’t use the technology in Modification/Redefinition, but it’s just going to look a bit different than for students who are a bit more mature in their skillsets. Some schools ignore the lower grades in terms of helping younger students develop basic tech. literacies and make it harder for them and their teachers to implement higher levels of tech. integration. Something to reflect on…

For people with hearing problem or who are deaf, BSL (British Sign Language) was introduced which was eventually accepted by UK government officially in 2003 and now this sign language has become universal. But it is different in each place of origin. Not only people with hearing impairment learn this language but also the people who interact with these people learn this language. For example, friends and families. Also Lip-speaking is a technique used for deaf. In lip-speaking interaction through facial expression, gesture and mouth is done without making any sound.

Examples of good written essays

examples of good written essays


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