Essay about catering service

'Depression Bread Line' was cast in bronze at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in 1999. The five male figures lined up by the wall on the sculpture pad represent a scene from the Great Depression, a period of economic hardship during which many people were in need of government assistance to survive. The original sculpture was made in 1991 from plaster, wood, metal, and acrylic paint--it is from this original sculpture that a mold was made for casting. The sculpture in the park is the second in an intended edition of seven. The first edition of the sculpture is on view in Washington, . at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial--a tribute to the president who held office during this era in America's history and whose policies helped move the country out of an economic decline towards prosperity.

Chef Paul Mattison, executive chef and proprietor of Mattison’s, operates a successful  culinary group on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Located in Sarasota, each Mattison’s restaurant location is unique to its neighborhood, offering Chef Paul Mattison’s signature menu items, outstanding service, and quality ingredients, while supporting the community, regional farmers, and culinary suppliers. Mattison’s Catering is a chef-owned and operated company procuring fresh, natural, and local ingredients. Catering In-house and off-site, Mattison’s Catering Company offers  certified wedding and event planners, experienced professionals, and custom menus.
Chef Paul Mattison grew up in New York, cooking and gardening side by side with his Italian grandmother, Esther. He began his culinary career at age 15 in a local Greek restaurant and  was encouraged by the restaurant’s owner to attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Upon graduating with honors from CIA, Chef Paul Mattison went to Aspen where he would refine his skills over the next five years working at Piñons, a one-of-a-kind restaurant receiving top kudos from Zagat.

Essay about catering service

essay about catering service


essay about catering serviceessay about catering serviceessay about catering serviceessay about catering service