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One of the songs Carey recorded specifically for #1's was a cover of Brenda K. Starr 's " I Still Believe " (1988) co-produced by Stevie J and Mike Mason. During the late 1980s Starr helped Carey secure a record contract while she worked as Starr's backup singer. [19] In the album's liner notes, Carey wrote that the purpose of the song was solely paying tribute to her. According to Carey, the song "reminds me of the fact that not long ago I was a teenage girl with nothing to my name but a demo tape, my voice, and my ability to write songs. Brenda K. Starr treated me like a 'star' and gave me a shot." [20] Another song Carey and Stevie J co-produced was a cover of, " Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To) " (1975) by Diana Ross . The latter song was the third non-original song on the album, and experienced a limited release throughout few countries in Europe. [21] During a press release for the album, it was reported that an exclusive live version of "Hero" would be included. [17] However, the idea fell through and was never released. [22]

Greensburg is home to the world's largest hand dug well . Work had begun on the well in 1887 to provide water for the steam engines of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad . When the well was completed in 1888 it was 109 feet (33 m) deep and 32 feet ( m) in diameter. The well was used as the city's water supply until 1932. In 1939 it was opened as a tourist attraction allowing visitors to descend to the bottom of the well. The adjacent museum displayed a 1000-pound pallasite meteorite until the museum fell down around the meteorite during a 2007 tornado that destroyed the city. The Well was not destroyed, and the meteorite was found in the rubble of the museum and moved to a temporary home in Hays before Greensburg could reclaim it. [29] [30] As of January 2011 the meteorite is back in Greensburg on display in the new City Hall until the new Big Well Museum is built. [ citation needed ]

I don’t think it’s just snap your fingers. We’ve got to have an attitude of faith when things aren’t going our way.

Do you think that God ever shows his favor by presenting us with something difficult and not fun? Could it be God's will to give up everything and live in poverty, or help others in some way?

I think it is in some ways but God gives you grace to do that. If my dad was alive today and he had his way, he would live over there in India. That’s the way he felt prospered, to be with the people. He loved living in the Third World. I used to travel with him. We’ll go back into places that I, as a guy in my twenties, didn’t like.

1inspiration 99 perspiration essay

1 inspiration 99 perspiration essay


1 inspiration 99 perspiration essay1 inspiration 99 perspiration essay1 inspiration 99 perspiration essay1 inspiration 99 perspiration essay